Mapping the messy mail art archive

NETWORKING 1: Simultaineous Rotation Marts 1984 (Artists’ book). Contributions: Francesc Abad, Keith Bates, Guy Bleus, Hanneke Clappers, Robin Crozier, Masao Kanai, Chuck Welch, Henryk Gajewski, and Mogens Otto Nielsen. Photo: Niels Fabæk.

There has been an interesting development in my work with Mogens Otto Nielsen’s mail art archive. A cooperation of very different people and organizations in Denmark – three museums, three organizations within the field of digital dissemination, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, and I – are working together to create a digital map of the archive. This collaboration – “The Mapping Project” – sets out to develop new ways of visualizing messy art collections, and the plan is to develop a mock-up (a non-functional model) of a digital map in the winter 2012. For more information, see The Mapping Project.

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