Mapping archives

There have been various attempts to map the mail art network. Dutch artist Ruud Janssen created the TAM archive (Traveling Art Mail) to store and map works of mail art. This archive and other archives, for example The Artpool Archives in Budapest and Guy Bleus’ archive in Belgium, are all somehow intertwined with Mogens Otto Nielsen’s mail art archive here at the museum in Aalborg, Denmark. But before we can re-connect our archive with other archives we need to find some way to organize and map the archive as an isolated, autonomous cluster of information.

We are currently about half way through the archive. The registrar Steve is putting the individual piece in a database, and I am trying to sort them out digitally. When the database is complete we will begin to map the archive; organizing the pieces of information as knots in some kind of visual web structure. I have made a description of some of the characteristics that this map should have. If you’re interested in digital mapping, you should go to Mapping the archive.

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