Examining armpits

American artist The Handsome Johnson contributed with this picture to the “Send a piece of your nature” project.

In the same file was “The Handsome Johnson Mail Art Grant Token” application form. Applications are accepted from mail artists who “do more than occasional mailing”, “send to exhibitions in good faith”, “insist that all works will be shown, no fee, no jury and a list of participants will be sent”, “knows that if mail art becomes an art market commodity it is no longer mail art”, and so on. There are many rules and regulations in mail art, even a fondness for them. This is one of the paradoxes in mail art: On the one hand are the restrictions and the rules, and on the other hand is the idea that mail art should be open, free and accessible to everybody, that means no copyright, no rules, no commercial use, no fees, and so on.

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