Timber framing flux

Mail art is usually an art involving a lot of artists, but sometimes two artists make a more intimate connection through pieces going back and forth. The young artist David Hunter (age unknown) was in close contact with the Danish artist Mogens Otto Nielsen from the early eighties and on. Hunter’s file in the archive consists of mail art and personal greetings (impossible to separate one from the other) with pictures, drawings, drawings on pictures and so forth, and a personal letter on the backside where Hunter writes about his study at the art school, his job in an Esprit Outlet in California, and his plans for the future.

Drunk, then hangover

Timber framing made with a big, black marker,  so that the old building suddently doesn’t seem to end, colourful drawings, doodles on a spree, and a letter from the young man, where he had too much to drink. This is just a few examples of David Hunter’s many mail art pieces/personal greetings in the Hunter file.

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